Saturday, December 16, 2006

things to do in 2007

1. start a writers collective with jeff lail and billy boyce.
2. get my vintage21 work done on time.
3. listen to at least 5 sermon podcasts a week.
4. start blogging regurly.
5. start podcasting.
6. think of lots of new and great things to do with vintage21
7. talk jeff into living with me and helping out with booking and publicity for v21 concerts.
8. work on a strategic plan for how to start Large v21 concert series as well as birth v21 records.
9. incorperate my personal recording into v21 records
10. pass off feedback mixing to someone else.
11. talk matt into having a design team person (revamp all power point slides. backgrounds and all and take that over as a deacon.
12. get our band music way more organized.
13. help v21 get into a new space and make it extremely apealing to families, college kids, 20 somethings and bands.
14. book bands like roman candle, iron and wine, copeland, and mae for shows.
15. make my time with god more deep.
16. read at least 10 pages a day. (12 books a year at minimal)
17. read books on the list for eldership. (get those from matt)
18. read specificly (new kind of christian, mere christianity)
19. go to new years in nyc
20. visit st. louis with billy boyce.
21. seatle with jeff in december of 07
22. plan out new v21 space from a tech side.
23. talk to jason jones or jesse about what we can do as far as a v21 computer network.
24. get v21 songs and powerppoint and music all up to date on everyone's computer
25. go to a canes game.
26. become financially stable from vintage21 pay.
27. knock out credit card debit.
28. figure out other ways to make money on the side witout killing myself to knock the debit out.
29. become more decisive

the three year plan has begun
more to come later...