Tuesday, November 21, 2006

duct tape

so i have been dealing with a clogged drain for like weeks now and its been driving me crazy. i dont know why but all my efforts to fix it have renderede me useless. (i even bought draino. finally this morning it hits me. put duct tape over the overflow hole and use the plunger. A HA! clear sailing now. It works like a brand new drain now.

duct tape. its good stuff.

of couse the part that i left out from this story is where i tried the plunger a week ago without the duct tape. oh my ... disaster. dirty water every freekin where.

this experience is sorta like my life. i don't put restraints on things and i tend to just go everywhere i can. it takes me really working hard and almost closing off some pathways for me to be able to focus on the few things i know i need to be doing.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


making a webpage is possibly one of the most annoying things on the face of the earth