Wednesday, June 28, 2006


so tonight was owners night. a little bit hectic but fun all the same. matt spoke on worship and i think it was a much needed message for v21. anyways i got suckered into more printing on top of all the crap i already have to do this week. ive been slacking off so far with all the visitors i've been having so im ganna have to bust my butt the rest of the week... well at least after billy leaves tomorrow. anyways. good night of chatting and hanging out at the village draft house. goodnight to all.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

. the little light bulb that could

working on the glass menagerie has been a rewarding experience, but a long and gruling process. and im tired. i was reminded of why i love and hate theatre. i really think that is part of the reason why i have been so up and down emotionally. not to mention ashleigh being back in hawaii while i am stuck here, plus everything around me changing. wow. i dont really know what to think about it all. other than im sorta in aww of this recent life change. i dont really necessarily like it. in fact in a lot of ways its just plain scary. but i keep getting told that i am doing fine. i dont really feel fine, but i dont really know whats normal. i guess this is normal. i mean def. dont have a normal job. so i dont know that i could really feel normal at any point. anyways. enough about that.

i have been walking like i did in college now. its good for my health, but tiring. david was telling me today at the show that when he was younger, he and his buddy would walk all over the place. it was funny. he was like jeremy you must have walked like 6 miles today... i didnt really realize that but i guess he was right. go me. :) anyways after all that crazy walking i got to have great pizza at this really fun restaurant. (lilly's)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

. tattoo

i had dinner with neal from tattoo zoo the other night and i remembered that i never showed people ash and my tattoos so here goes...

had to finish up with a cute pic of ash.

. so tired

why is it that every night i stay up so late. i guess i feel like there is so much to learn and find out and i feel like i need to stretch my time to the very last second. why is it that i dont feel that fever for knowledge in the morning. all i can seem to think about then is ... how comfee my bed feels. haha ... what a strange world i live in. just got a new baby nalgene bottle. andrew was trying to get me to get a "cheap" bottle from target, but there is something about the size of the baby nalgine that i really like dont ask me why but its true. who knows. maybe i'm on crack but i know i really like them. they are so much better than the big ones. ok so andrew was like jeremy i am handing over total control of the design of the living room to you. so i now get to figure out where everything is going.

v21 is going really well other than... money. i really need to make more phone calls. but its so scary and i hate doing it. i couldnt really talk to people this week about it because of the shows every night. anyways. we will see what happens. im not really sure at this point. but i guess i will figure something out or work more than one job, which is currently happening. anyways. i am ganna run i guess for the eveing.


ps. google is probably one of the most amazing companies in the entire world. just a thought.

Friday, June 16, 2006

. first day of normalcy

i think i may be back on nc time finally. last night i started getting sleepy at like 11pm. i was actually in bed by 12.30. for those of you who dont know how late i staay up normally even that is early for me. so far i have eaten breakfast and lunch. i really like the local library its really cool. i will def. be doing a lot of work there. lunch with my roomie was good. i think the nc state cafe is slightly better than cu's but maybe its just cause i ate @ cu's so much. anyways. it has been a nice change for the day. now its time to head down to the good old alma mater and get some po box stuff straight.


im here sitting at my desk working away at trying to figure out when im doing what where as far as this job goes. its sorta fun but frustrating at the same time, but i know i need a scheduel cause without one i am ganna be lost at sea. anyways its bet time.

Monday, June 12, 2006

. sigh

. hawaiian fact of the day

Poi is a Hawaiian word for the primary Polynesian staple food made from the corm of the kalo plant (known widely as taro). Poi is produced by mashing the cooked corm (baked or steamed) to a highly viscous fluid. Water is added during mashing and again just before eating, to achieve a desired consistency.

The bowl of poi was considered so important and sacred a part of daily Hawaiian life that whenever a bowl of poi was uncovered at the family dinner table, it was believed that the spirit of Hāloa, the ancestor of the Hawaiian people, was present. This is because Hawaiians believed that the taro plant, or kalo, was the original ancestor of the Hawaiian people. Because of that, all conflict among family members had to come to an immediate halt.

Most first-time tasters describe poi as resembling library paste—more an allusion to the texture than the flavor, which is delicate. Poi is an acquired taste, but quickly makes converts of those who persist.

The flavor changes distinctly once the poi has been made. Fresh poi is sweet and excellent all by itself. Each day thereafter the poi loses sweetness and turns slightly sour. Because of this, some people find poi more palatable when it is mixed with milk and/or sugar, although purists frown on this. The speed of this fermentation process depends upon the bacteria level in the poi. The bacteria is harmless, and some would even say beneficial. To slow the souring process, poi should be stored in a cool, dark location (such as a kitchen cupboard). Poi stored in the refrigerator should be squeezed out of the bag into a bowl, and a thin layer of water drizzled over the top to keep a crust from forming.

Sour poi is still quite edible with salted fish or lomi salmon on the side. Some would reasonably argue that poi is inedible beyond five days. Sourness is prevented by freezing or dehydrating, although the resulting poi tends to be bland in comparison with the fresh product. For best thawing results place in a microwave with a layer of tap water over the surface of the frozen poi. Sour poi is also an excellent cooking ingredient, particularly in breads and rolls. It has a smooth, creamy "mouth feel," but no fat.

Shortages in taro production in recent years due to pests and labor shortages have also resulted in shortages and higher prices for poi in Hawai‘i. At the same time, innovations in poi production have resulted in poi that stays fresh longer and tastes sweeter, but such products generally sell at a premium price and require refrigeration.

Poi has been used as a milk substitute for babies born with an allergy to dairy products because of its nutritional value. It is also used as a baby food for babies with severe food allergies.

Poi should not be confused with Tahitian po'e, which is a sweet, pudding-like dish made with bananas, papaya, or mangoes cooked with manioc and coconut cream.

. cat naps

all that hiking tires you out. i really don't know what alex's excuse was...

. must be the poi

awww how cute is that!

. watch those hips

certified to swing my hips in hula fassion. i sure know how to stir that poi!

i think i earned the name kelemi that night!

. the sam face

i sure miss them. i found out pretty quick what having sisters would have been like. there is nothing like hearing a fight upstairs and knowing that you want to go NOWHERE near the stairs!

. thats no post card

. no trade winds

well after my long hawaiian get-away i am now back in nc and a little sad to be over 4,000 miles away from my girlfriend & her friends and family. i love them all and miss them a lot. but i have to work and pay bills so here i am back in the real world. too bad the real word is 2 hours from wrightsville beach. im determined im ganna try and surf this summer, but we'll see what happens. anyways. i'm still stuck on hawaii time, which is ok for the days i work late, but wed. when we have prayer at 7.30 im going to be hurting. world cup watching with the guys in the am and then... staff meeting in the late afternoon. who knows what after that. oh well anyways, im off to bed.

. kelemi